I am fascinated by the phenomenon of ‘time’ and its relation to identity. 

The complexity of what the old Greeks used to call ‘chronos’ ( clock time)  and ‘kairos’ (experienced time) is very intriguing, especially from a photographic point of view. Is the moment decisive, or not so much? And what does it tell? 

Through my lens I am focussing on key moments in human life. Sometimes I go for big transitional moments, like birth, sometimes I am just looking for those small body gestures revealing something about a – or a group of humans. 

Humans are constantly wandering, in life and in their heads. 

In order to capture what it is about, what is making them unique, I have to work in trust and intimacy. 

My hometown Brussels, a cultural melting pot has been a big source of inspiration. It’s a dynamically, complex place where people go through major transitions. 

Photographing in a documentary way helps me to understand. Creating imagery allows me to wonder, and to work with emotion. Both sides are important. 

I graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Photography, and from the university of Ghent in Scandinavian Studies and literature. My career as a journalist and producer for Belgian Flemish radio and television has been inspiring me for my documentary photographic projects. 

My work has been exhibited in Brussels, Rotterdam and The Hague.


  • Brussels (Matongé) African-Flemish House, november  2016

  • Schiedam, Fotofestival, october 2015

  • The Hague, Graduation Festival KABK, june 2015

  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, (NL), “To Matongé”, 2014
  • Sint Jans Kliniek, Brussels, (BE), “Baren”
  • Huis der Culturen, Molenbeek, (BE)  2007, “Baren”
  • Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Anderlecht, (BE) 2006, “ Baren”